Working on Madeira

My word ! Time has passed since my last visit on here. Maybe I will clue you up on some history.

I have moved to Gran Canaria in December 2012. I have worked for several companies while I was there. I went back to the Netherlands in the summer of 2014, after which I ended back up in Gran Canaria. However, I went there because I was offered a job – a job that ended up not paying what was promised. I really started to get sick and tired of the way companies treat their employees in Gran Canaria. O, and somewhere along the lines, my phone and laptop got stolen there. Great. The phone I have left, is a crappy old phone. Doing this on a Galaxy Tab hehe !

A couple of friends and I decided to move to Malta. Nice island. I would definitely recommend it for a holiday. One of my friends left short after. Another friend had to go back to the other side of the world. Then my last remaining friend decided to throw a chair at a housemate. He got fired the next day haha. I stayed. Two other reps were there – aside from the French line, which was there for perhaps a month or two. I shared the British line with a couple of Greeks. At least the girl (a blonde…very blonde) has been studying in the USA. Her English is pretty good, but she does not know a lot about the world. And here they are talking to experienced tourists every day. I made lots more money for the company than they did combined. Good news is, I am going to get paid my outstanding commissions this month. Apparently.

Then the opportunity to go to Madeira came. Another place that has been on my list a while. Working for a great company, selling what will be one of the best resorts in Europe. The tools are slowly but surely falling into place, but it is not easy this far. Should be a little goldmine when it opens.

I have been looking at laptops and computers and W40k rules and all. But those belong to other posts. I need a seriously good month to buy the kind of laptop I want to have now. And the Warhammer…well…I do not know anybody here that plays it. No shops that sell it. And I have no intention to start a hobby that will cost me thousands on top of the other things I need to be looking at right now.

Right. It is time for a good salad. And maybe some chicken. Until next time !


Gaming Rig 20170508

So back to a rig !

Good news guys :  AMD is actually doing something for us again ! The little compatibility issues with RAM sticks will be sorted out as we go along. It is certainly a good way to shave something off the cost of building a rig now. I would very much like to see how their laptop CPU’s are going to pan out.

Another thing is :  Kaby Lake X is doing Quad Channel DDR4 ! So I reckon it is time for 4*4GB instead of 2*8GB. And if Intel is going to throw some price drops in the mix, a 6-core instead of a quad-core. I am looking at latency rather than MHz and it seems like G.Skill is a good choice. Bit expensive, but are we really looking at budget here ? If you really need the MHz, G.Skill is also your man. Grab what you need. Just remember to grab a set of four sticks, Not two.

So it will have to be 299-series motherboard this time around. We are going to have to wait until the NDAs are lifted and the whole thing is officially released, but it is a nice jump forward if you ask me.

The way things are right now, I would go for a 250GB Samsung 850 EVO SATA SSD for  the system. The machine spends less time booting than it does actually running things. Just stash the applications you need on there, it should be enough. For the real speed, we will be having a 500GB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD in there anyway. Push the textures to the limit. The Skylake X is going to have loads of loads of lanes, so I am not worrying about my GPUs to suffer if I add another NVMe SSD later on.

So here we have it :  GTX 1080 Ti ! Times two – because fu*k you, that is why. If I had an unlimited budget, I would have a custom liquid cooling set up throughout the whole machine. But that is a serious upgrade when it comes to cost. The FPS will be spectacular running even one of these cards, so if the flow is good – save your money (you can buy more games).

I am into ASUS right now. Not really sure why. I think I would be grabbing a motherboard off them. They come with some nice automatic tuning applications. They will be built for it, but it is not even necessary to do so on this level.

I think we do need to throw in some HDD drives with a proven track record. No need to spend lots on it. And no need for fancy RAID setups, unless you need the RAID1. The SSDs have plenty of speed, we just need to stash media and documents on there that will not need hyperspeed.

Now what about Intel Optane ? I have seen it around. It will keep the tempo up a lot longer than the NVMe SSDs will. But do I really want to be an early adopter for this now ? We are only talking about RAM-sized bits of it. Okay, it is definitely cheaper than adding another 16GB or 32GB of DDR4. But I have not had the pleasure of trying it out. I wonder if it will make that much of a difference for the things I like doing on a PC. Still a budget issue though – if the budget does not matter, might as well stick it in.

Then I will be going for curved screen this time around. 21:9 3440*1440 should do it. A computer is not like a TV, where you will be sharing it many times. A curved ultra wide is nice for work too. Just visual editing is better on a flat one. If you need to, 4K screens are looking cheaper now. Do that. Or both. And add a 4K beamer while you are at it haha (I would love one) !

Right. Enjoy people !

All this new stuff to get

I’m going to work abroad for about half a year. I needed to get myself a digital camera (I still didn’t have one !), so I can make some adorable pictures for the people back home. I decided to go with the Canon IXUS 230HS (see a review here).Canon IXUS 230HS

The 8x optical zoom is really brilliant. Most other cameras have an optical zoom of anywhere between 3.8x and 5x and I think the previous model has 4x optical zoom. A nice improvement there !

This means I’m going to have to either email loads of pictures to my mom. Or I could stick ’em on Photobucket and post ’em on a blog. That way she (and whoever else I want to share it with) can click a link. I can also add some short stories to the pictures that way. Then at least they have an idea what’s in the picture and why it’s there. I could also stick ’em all on Facebook, but somehow I’m reluctant do so hehe !

Another thing :  I style my beard. But since my new job requires a lot of public interface, I decided I should get a new electric shaver. One that’s waterproof and has trim/style functions. I went for the Braun cruZer 6 face. It wasn’t cheap, but I’m planning on using it for a long time.

Braun cruZer 6 face

I haven’t been able to try it out yet. But I will tomorrow or the day after. It should save me a bit of time every day !

Now I still need some pantalons. Swimming shorts. Needle and thread in case my buttons decide to fall off. I already got some Zaanse Mayonaise, which I’m really going to miss. (All you people that don’t like mayonaise probably only ever tasted French mayonaise. The sour one. The Dutch mayonaise is much better !) Oh and I need to have my hair cut before sunday.

It’s almost early again and I’m getting hungry. I’m gonna pack my stuff and get home. Make myself some hotdogs there =9

Good morning, bon apetit and/or good night to everyone !

Interesting Headlines

Been checking the news the past few hours. Some articles were definitely worth reading. Of course, I don’t mind sharing what I’ve been reading recently.

Court rules that it’s legal to sell used MP3s

Astrobiology: We are the Aliens

Signal for Higgs Boson Particle Gains Strength

Quantum motion captured

Twitter sued by Brazil over drink-driving trap alerts

AMD Gaming has a few good deals on Facebook, if you’re looking for them.