After a good night’s sleep, it is time for a good day. Normally, two coffees and two cigarettes. Sunday morning, there are some MasterChef USA episodes on TV. So I just put that on in the background, while checking the news, Facebook and Twitter on the tablet.

Also, I do some Angry Birds and Family Guy in the meantime. But by now, I have moved on to white wine. It would have been better if we had some beers in the fridge. Unfortunately, we were to tired and lazy to stop off at the supermarket yesterday.

It is almost time for the Formula 1 race in Spain. The weather is good, so it’s a nice day to head over to town. Maybe I even have some time to pop in to the shop before we go. I’m ready, but she isn’t. Might as well do that.

Anyone have a good idea for dinner ? I have to cook tomorrow, so today I am looking for something quick and easy. Maybe a pasta or something.

Enjoynyour Sunday and happy mothers day to all you mothers out there !