Too Much To Do, Too Little Sleep

I got a busy day tomorrow. Well at least the morning and most likely a good part of the afternoon. Right now it is 04h21, so I won’t get much sleep.

I was playing BF2 all night at -and with- a friend of mine. At home, one of my housemates is sleeping. He just started a new job and needs to get up really early. So if I go home now, I am likely to wake him up before his alarm goes off. Which I do not want to do. So I will go for option B :  stay here until I arrive after his alarm went off. Sleep less. And I am hungry, so I am going to have to eat before going to sleep. Another 30+ minutes spent not sleeping. But it’ll have to do.

I have that many times. Especially when playing computer games. But also when watching series, because I keep on watching another “last one”… Not very smart, since I have some important things to do tomorrow. And I guess I’m not the only one with that problem. I prefer not taking naps, but in certain cases I think I should. Sleeping too little isn’t good. And I’ve had plenty of that.

If I’m done early, say around 13h00, I could take a nap. Then in the evening I could just watch some Boardwalk Empire with a friend of mine. That’s not very taxing. And the good thing about this friend is that he never really goes to bed late. Which means I won’t go home very late. But maybe I should just stay home tomorrow. I could watch a movie early in the evening and go to bed soon after.

This really is a blogpost about nothing interesting. Tomorrow should be a good day, though. A start of a new phase. And the weather is going to be nice.


Death Company Army List

I wanted to make a Death Company army list for 40k. I came up to 2500pts, which is quite a lot tbh. So I also downgraded it a bit to 2250pts.

  1. Astorath
    DC (11), Pwpn (2), THammer (2)
  2. Lemartes
    DC (11), Pwpn (2), THammer (2)
  3. DC Tycho
    DC Dreadnought, Talons, Grapple
    StormRaven, TLLC, Typh.Missile Launcher, Hurr.Bolters, Extra Armor
  4. DC Dreadnought, Talons, Grapple
    Drop Pod
  5. DC Dreadnought, Talons, Grapple
    Drop Pod
  6. DC Dreadnought, Talons, Grapple
    Drop Pod
  7. Land Speeder
    Typh.Missile Launcher
  8. Land Speeder
    Typh.Missile Launcher
  9. Land Speeder
    Typh.Missile Launcher

The 2250pts list misses the two 11th DC per squad, the Grapples on the Drop Pod Dreadnoughts and the Typh.Missile Launchers on the Land Speeders.

I really do not want to know how many Orks they’d be up against at 2500pts/2250pts, cause I bet it’s brutal. Though, I would like to try it out sometime ! The Death Company Apocalypse formation is really bad *ss too. Though I’ve never played Apocalypse myself. It’s easy to get up to 3k pts with that formation, so somewhat of a minimum Apocalypse game unless you put in even more units/formations. I think it’ll work well when combined with Dante’s Sanguinary Host, which runs at 1515pts (the way I listed it).

I’ve just been playing the BF2 Demo online for a while. I’m trying to get hang of those helicopters. I am getting better at it, though I’m far from good compared to the guys I was playing with. I decided I needed a little break – get something to drink, roll a ciggy, type some sh*t into WordPress. I also found two more movies that I should take a look at. But not now. I think I’ll go back to BF2 in a bit.

Anyway… I’m going to check out the news. Maybe there’s something interesting going on in the world right now. In the meantime, if anyone has anything to say about the above army list(s), please do tell !