Funny too see how much time has passed

So in my last post, I mentioned moving to Gran Canaria. The flight was on December 4th 2012. That is quite a while back. Many things have changed since then.

I have been working for several companies in the meantime – not all of them as good. In 2014, I decided I had enough. May 11th 2014, I flew back to Amsterdam. Without any intention of returning to Gran Canaria.

I had a phone call in October that year. Several things were promised. I went. Pretty much none of it was true. Cost me quite a bit. Trying to make up for lost time and expenses is not always easy. And to be honest, I still feel like I am chasing after the facts.

Some of my friends have visited me over here, which is always nice. It’s not an expensive holiday for them anyway and the weather is always good over here.

Now, it is my turn to pop by the Netherlands again. My passport is up for renewal and my birthday is only a few days after that. Might as well combine the two, right ?

I hope the bureaucrats are not making things too difficult for me, since I do not plan on being there for the maximum 8 weeks (for background checks or whatever else they may have up their sleeves).

Okay, so I’m not really feeling for a massive update on here right now. I also noticed some old things like the gaming rigs. They are in some serious need of updates. So are the Army Lists. Not now though. Peace !


All this new stuff to get

I’m going to work abroad for about half a year. I needed to get myself a digital camera (I still didn’t have one !), so I can make some adorable pictures for the people back home. I decided to go with the Canon IXUS 230HS (see a review here).Canon IXUS 230HS

The 8x optical zoom is really brilliant. Most other cameras have an optical zoom of anywhere between 3.8x and 5x and I think the previous model has 4x optical zoom. A nice improvement there !

This means I’m going to have to either email loads of pictures to my mom. Or I could stick ’em on Photobucket and post ’em on a blog. That way she (and whoever else I want to share it with) can click a link. I can also add some short stories to the pictures that way. Then at least they have an idea what’s in the picture and why it’s there. I could also stick ’em all on Facebook, but somehow I’m reluctant do so hehe !

Another thing :  I style my beard. But since my new job requires a lot of public interface, I decided I should get a new electric shaver. One that’s waterproof and has trim/style functions. I went for the Braun cruZer 6 face. It wasn’t cheap, but I’m planning on using it for a long time.

Braun cruZer 6 face

I haven’t been able to try it out yet. But I will tomorrow or the day after. It should save me a bit of time every day !

Now I still need some pantalons. Swimming shorts. Needle and thread in case my buttons decide to fall off. I already got some Zaanse Mayonaise, which I’m really going to miss. (All you people that don’t like mayonaise probably only ever tasted French mayonaise. The sour one. The Dutch mayonaise is much better !) Oh and I need to have my hair cut before sunday.

It’s almost early again and I’m getting hungry. I’m gonna pack my stuff and get home. Make myself some hotdogs there =9

Good morning, bon apetit and/or good night to everyone !

Interesting Headlines

Been checking the news the past few hours. Some articles were definitely worth reading. Of course, I don’t mind sharing what I’ve been reading recently.

Court rules that it’s legal to sell used MP3s

Astrobiology: We are the Aliens

Signal for Higgs Boson Particle Gains Strength

Quantum motion captured

Twitter sued by Brazil over drink-driving trap alerts

AMD Gaming has a few good deals on Facebook, if you’re looking for them.

Useful Links

Let me share some links that I think are quite useful.

My Yahoo!
I use it as a homepage. This lets me see all the news and updates in one glance. I simply add all the things I consider important and order them in whatever way I want. It’s also a search engine and an eMail previewer. I avoid using Google altogether. If you want, I can send you the entire page that I view to you through email. That is also handy for people that have no clue, or those who wish to build upon an example page.
Most of the below links are fed into the page I made here. But I also use Yahoo News, Discovery, Hardware/Software developers feeds here as well as all my Bookmarks, weather forecasts, Dutch news sites…blogs…whatever I find interesting, really.

BBC News
One of the better news sites on the web.

NOS, Volkskrant
Dutch (sorry !) news sites. (De Volkskrant is a Dutch newspaper, NOS handles Dutch news on public TV.)

Social website. Most of your friends probably have it and they keep in contact with eachother through this site. People share tons of info and links through this page, so you can keep up to date with current trends.

This is a Dutch (sorry !) website that tracks news related to (mostly computer related) technology. It has lots of reviews, price comparison, Best-Buy-Guides, and forums about just about anything that’s related to both Hardware and Software.

Tom’s Hardware
Here are some very handy charts that allow you to compare all the latest CPU’s, GPU’s, SSD’s etc. on the market. It’s kinda like the English equivalent of Tweakers (above), although not all features are the same of course.

1Up, IGN
Websites I use to look for info on computer games. They show news, (p)reviews, forums, and anything else game-related.

If you want to know anything about movies, actors/actresses and/or TV shows, this is where you need to go.
Free email address. Never had any spam on here. It also allows forwarding to your email software, which is pretty rare. There is also the option to store files there up to 2GB in total. (I have been -and still am- using Yahoo Mail since I was 12, so I’m not giving this one up. Also, Yahoo has always had more space than any other free webmail.)

Upload and share pictures online. Very handy if you’re a frequent poster on forums (since you can link to the image instead of uploading a copy to the forum server – they don’t like using much space for that stuff).

Scientific American
This is a magazine about all the developments made in science. (It is part of the Nature Publishing Group.) My dad has a subscription and so I used to read the magazines a lot. I grab his old copies when I can, but in the meantime I can keep up to date via their website.

MIT OpenCourseWare
M.I.T. uploads a lot of their courses onto the web. It includes Audio/Video, so you can learn a lot through this site.

Funny attempts to translate Japanese to Engrish.

Tragic short stories. Very funny to read. Makes my life a little less tragic hehe !

If you want to know what things are, how they work, what they do, who people are, etc., this is where to look them up. Be sure to check the references, since anyone can update and change the data. Some information might be purposefully tampered with.

Alienware, Origin
Awesome custom built PCs and laptops. Factory overclocked shiz.

Asus, MSi, Intel, EVGA, GainwardSamsung, HP, Philips, Creative, nVidia, AMD
Some of the not-yet-mentioned hardware manufacturers that are definitely worth mentioning.

Does anyone have some must-have links that I’m not aware of ? I’d love to hear about them ! (Oh yeah…no Apple related stuff please. I´m no Apple fan.’