Funny too see how much time has passed

So in my last post, I mentioned moving to Gran Canaria. The flight was on December 4th 2012. That is quite a while back. Many things have changed since then.

I have been working for several companies in the meantime – not all of them as good. In 2014, I decided I had enough. May 11th 2014, I flew back to Amsterdam. Without any intention of returning to Gran Canaria.

I had a phone call in October that year. Several things were promised. I went. Pretty much none of it was true. Cost me quite a bit. Trying to make up for lost time and expenses is not always easy. And to be honest, I still feel like I am chasing after the facts.

Some of my friends have visited me over here, which is always nice. It’s not an expensive holiday for them anyway and the weather is always good over here.

Now, it is my turn to pop by the Netherlands again. My passport is up for renewal and my birthday is only a few days after that. Might as well combine the two, right ?

I hope the bureaucrats are not making things too difficult for me, since I do not plan on being there for the maximum 8 weeks (for background checks or whatever else they may have up their sleeves).

Okay, so I’m not really feeling for a massive update on here right now. I also noticed some old things like the gaming rigs. They are in some serious need of updates. So are the Army Lists. Not now though. Peace !