Back Home

I took my flight from Rhodes on Friday, Oct-26; with a quick stop at Thessaloniki. From there to München. But I had to wait until the morning to take my last flight – back to Amsterdam.

München…well I just saw the airport. And through the windows, I could see the weather :  clouds all the way down to the tarmac. Oh yeah…perfect. That morning when I left from Rhodes, I was drinkin’ frappé with vodka in my shorts (no shirt). Now it was just clouds everywhere and around 7°C. In the papers, it said it wasn’t only going to rain the next day. There was also going to be snow and 3°C. I drank German beer with an Italian guy who’s flight was delayed 6hrs. That was nice. Can’t remember if he wrote down his Facebook or not haha ! (Should be in my agenda, if he has.)

The flight from München to Amsterdam was with the smallest plane I’ve ever been in :  2 seats, isle, 2 seats. We made some really tight corners with that thing. Cool !

So now I’m back here. Cold. All kinds of sh*t you have to deal with, family issues and what not. I can’t wait to go to Gran Canaria. Back in the sunshine haha ! You should check the difference in weather forecasts between Amsterdam and Gran Canaria haha ! And this is the first job I’ve ever thought :  “can’t wait to start !” Have you ever had that ?

Next time, I think I will just go from Gran Canaria straight to Rhodes in April. Saves me the hastle I’m dealing with now. Next season on Rhodes should be better as well. We get a pimped up sales deck. We probably get more screens there too. We will most likely have a better offer to sell. I’ll see next year !

Keeping it short =9