Blood Angels Army Lists

Sometimes I play Warhammer 40k. I don’t have my own army, but friends of mine have several. So I just use their models to play against them.

I started off with Chaos, which has the coolest lore if you ask me. Nurgle is one of my favorites, but the current Codex doesn’t make them that great imho. I prefer playing with Slaanesh, which works a lot better in this Codex. Hopefully, the upcoming Codex :  Chaos Legions will make all of them better (like including the Daemonettes, for instance).

But since I read the Soul Drinkers books, I wanted to devise a way to play them. I started thinking about making rules that suit their style. Later on, a friend showed me the new Blood Angels Codex and I started playing with that. So I’ll show you an army list that I find cool to play. And another that I made yesterday, which I’m going to test later this week.

2250 pts

  • Dante
    Priest (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Sanguinary Guard (Chapter Banner)
  • Chaplain (Jump Pack)
    Priest (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Sanguinary Guard (Death Masks)
  • Chaplain (Jump Pack)
    Priest (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Sanguinary Guard (Death Masks)
  • Death Company (6) (P.fist)
    Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)
  • Death Company (6) (P.fist)
    Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)
  • Death Company Dreadnought (Blood Talons, Magna-Grapple)
    Drop Pod (Deathwind Launcher)

–2 HQ; 6 Troops; 3 Elites

1750 pts

  • Relusiarch (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Priest (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Assault Squad (10) (Pair of Lightning Claws, Melta Gun (2))
  • Priest (P.weapon, Plasma Pistol, Jump Pack)
    Assault Squad (5) (P.fist, Plasma Pistol (2))
  • Tactical Squad (10) (P.fist, Flamer, Las Cannon)
    Rhino (Storm Bolter)
  • Death Company (6) (P.fist, P.weapon)
    Razor Back (Twin-linked Assault Cannon)
  • Death Company Dreadnought  (Blood Talons, Magna-Grapple)
    Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)
  • Baal Predator (Twin-linked Assault Cannon)
  • Predator (Twin-linked Las Cannon)
  • Land Speeder (Heavy Bolter)

–1 HQ; 5 Troops; 1 Elites; 2 Fast Attack; 1 Heavy Support

The 2250pts list is cool to play with. Put everything in Reserve (except the Death Company Turn 1 Drop Pod Assault units). The Death Company can take a punch, so their arrival in Turn 1 should keep the enemy occupied. They will Rage their way to whatever enemy unit is closest, so try not to think about them much. The Sanguinary Guard units are the ones that will be doing the hard work. And they’re good at it. I do forget to use Dante’s special Death Mask rule, as well the Death Masks rule when charging, sometimes. I’m just too eager to start rolling the dice !

Like I said, I still need to try out the 1750pts list. Most likely, I’ll play with it twice (against Imperial Guard and against Orcs). I’ll keep the Tactical Squad behind to guard my edge or any objective there. If it’s not a kill point game, I’ll split them up into Combat Squads. The Death Company can rush forward, accompanied by one (or both) of the Predators. Maybe the Baal Predator should stick in Reserve, but that depends on the table and Mission/Setup type.

I wonder if anyone has tried the 2250pts list before. The load-out options are pretty straight forward I think, so it’s quite possible someone else has thought of it too. More or less. And does anyone have some good advice on the 1750pts list ? Would be much appreciated !


3 responses to “Blood Angels Army Lists

  1. Last week, I did a 1750pts game vs Orks using a different list. We each had one objective in our deployment zone, using pitched battle setup.

    I used the following list :

    Reclusiarch (PF, JP)
    3x Priest (PW, JP)
    2x Chaplain (PF, JP)
    3x Assault Marine Squad (x10, PF, 2x Meltagun)
    3x Dreadnought (2x M.Melta, 1x P.Cannon)

    One of the Chaplain squads went Red Thirst, as well as the plasma Dread. The Dreads were all deployed, the rest kept in reserve. All three came in turn 2 (DoA ftw !) using Deep Strike.

    I won the game, mostly because of FnP. But those squads really do turn everything into liquid sh*t in close combat !

  2. I think I made one of the best 1500pts lists ever. Haven’t been able to try it out yet, but it should do nicely. It lacks a lot of armor, but with the jump packers wielding hammers and fists, I’m guessing sh*t will get wrecked.

    Reclusiarch (PF, JP)
    Priest (PF, JP)
    Sang. Guard (Banner)

    A.Sq. (x5, PF, 2x P.pstl – no JPs)
    Priest (PW, P.pstl)
    Razorback (TLAC)
    BaalPred (TLAC)
    Pred (TLLC)

    A.Sq. (x10, TH, 2x M.gun)
    A.Sq. (x10, TH, 2x M.gun)

    Anyone tried anything similar ? I think with all the JPs and M.guns, PFs, THs, etc., I can bring tanks down easily enough. And the little set of tanks can either hold a position or move up as a train (depending on deployment and game type). Three Troops Choice should be enough in 1500pts, but I can always decide to devide my jump packers into Combat Squads if the game is heavy on objectives.

  3. The new Rulebook for 40k is kinda sh*t for BA. The whole thing with BA is the Furious Charge and now they nerfed it ! And Dante and Astorath are carrying Initiative 1 weapons ! …Je…bus…chrizl. At least you still get many Characters in your squads, so you can make Precision Shots/Strikes a lot. And Death Company doesn’t walk randomly anymore, due to the Rage change.

    I still think that 1500pts list might work. Haha, I made a funny list with 2 HQ, 2 TR but no scoring units hehe. Whipe fest, it is. Also made a 1750pts version with 3 TR.

    1500 :

    Captain (JP, P/o TH)
    Honor Guard (JP, Champion, 3x SS+M.bmbs)

    Reclusiarch (JP, P.pstl)
    Honor Guard (JP, P/o TH, 3x P/o Claws+M.bmbs)

    Death Company (JP, TH+B.gun, PW+B.pstl, 3x B.gun)

    Death Company Dreadnought (Talons, Grapple, Dr.Pod+Beacon)

    For the 1750pts version, you change 3 things :
    1) The Reclusiarch gets M.bmbs,
    2) The DC squad gets 2 extra members and
    3) Add another DC Dread in a Dr.Pod (without Beacon this time).

    Keep the HQs in Reserve, drop them with DoA. Deploy the DC squad and dump the Dread with the Drop Pod Assault rule.

    It’s pretty funny to play with an army that doesn’t do scoring. Just whiping.

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