Currently Playing

I should talk about the games I’m currently playing. This blog could use some more posts, so why not start there ?

Zombie Pandemic
I started playing shortly after two of my friends started. We got a little clan called iLLEST Sons of Alcoholics. One of our members made a phat site for it, with forum and all. Very nice job there ! I’m nowhere near the level cap, but I guess sometime I’ll get there hehe !

Now this is a cool game ! Finally there’s the option to dual wield weapons, which I really missed in the older games. (What’s the point in wielding a 2H weapon if it gives near-to-no bonus over 1H+shield !?) And so I made myself a Dark Elf chickie. (I pretty much always choose to play a chickie, since I’ll be staring at the character’s *ss for hours on end.) I’m almost lvl41 with it now. If I still feel like playing after this one’s done, I’ll make myself a Death Knight á la World of Warcraft (2H axe/mace, Heavy Armor, etc.).

I just started playing the campaign, after playing the Co-Op stuff with a friend of mine on his Xbox360. I’m not very far in yet, but it’s nice to do a shooter again. I’ve been out of the shooters for so long, it took a while to get the reflexes back. Not much more to say about this game tbh…it’s just another CoD game with new and improved graphics since the previous releases. I’d prefer to play BF3, but my laptop had some trouble running it, last time I checked.

AC Revelations
Only just done the first few steps of the first mission with this one. I finished playing the first AC, which I liked a lot (more than my friends did). But when I did a bit of AC2 after, I lost interest. I saw the trailer for this game and I was sold. I just had to see for myself ! And I must say, it looks amazing. I really like the style of the game. The previous releases don’t keep me from enjoying this one as it is. Most likely because I didn’t play the games in between this one and the first. I’ve seen some very bad reviews by other players, so I don’t think I missed much hehe !

Other games…
I still have a few other games on here that have sunk to the background unfinished. I’m not uninstalling them, because I do intend to continue where I left off later on. The above games are just priority for me right now. One is Civilization V. I’ve played Civ3 a long time ago and I’ve put many hours into it. After seeing the Xbox360 version of Civ, I felt an urge to get the latest PC version of the series. It’s cool to see it’s still a real Civ game.
Another is Settlers 7. Also played Settlers 2 a long long time ago. When I saw videos of this new game on the net, I wanted to play it. It still has those cartoony looks as it did back in the day, but now it’s HD. It’s also a game you can play without stress. I needed one of those in between the hectic games above.
I also have Shogun 2, but I’m waiting with that one until I’m done with one of the games I’m currently playing. Ever since I played the old Shogun TW, I was waiting for a new version. Rome was cool, but the style of Shogun is more to my liking. A friend of mine is playing it and I got jealous hehe !

Other games worth playing, Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2, Space Empires IV, Mafia 2. Check them out if you haven’t.


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