Blood Angels Army Lists

Sometimes I play Warhammer 40k. I don’t have my own army, but friends of mine have several. So I just use their models to play against them.

I started off with Chaos, which has the coolest lore if you ask me. Nurgle is one of my favorites, but the current Codex doesn’t make them that great imho. I prefer playing with Slaanesh, which works a lot better in this Codex. Hopefully, the upcoming Codex :  Chaos Legions will make all of them better (like including the Daemonettes, for instance).

But since I read the Soul Drinkers books, I wanted to devise a way to play them. I started thinking about making rules that suit their style. Later on, a friend showed me the new Blood Angels Codex and I started playing with that. So I’ll show you an army list that I find cool to play. And another that I made yesterday, which I’m going to test later this week.

2250 pts

  • Dante
    Priest (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Sanguinary Guard (Chapter Banner)
  • Chaplain (Jump Pack)
    Priest (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Sanguinary Guard (Death Masks)
  • Chaplain (Jump Pack)
    Priest (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Sanguinary Guard (Death Masks)
  • Death Company (6) (P.fist)
    Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)
  • Death Company (6) (P.fist)
    Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)
  • Death Company Dreadnought (Blood Talons, Magna-Grapple)
    Drop Pod (Deathwind Launcher)

–2 HQ; 6 Troops; 3 Elites

1750 pts

  • Relusiarch (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Priest (P.fist, Jump Pack)
    Assault Squad (10) (Pair of Lightning Claws, Melta Gun (2))
  • Priest (P.weapon, Plasma Pistol, Jump Pack)
    Assault Squad (5) (P.fist, Plasma Pistol (2))
  • Tactical Squad (10) (P.fist, Flamer, Las Cannon)
    Rhino (Storm Bolter)
  • Death Company (6) (P.fist, P.weapon)
    Razor Back (Twin-linked Assault Cannon)
  • Death Company Dreadnought  (Blood Talons, Magna-Grapple)
    Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)
  • Baal Predator (Twin-linked Assault Cannon)
  • Predator (Twin-linked Las Cannon)
  • Land Speeder (Heavy Bolter)

–1 HQ; 5 Troops; 1 Elites; 2 Fast Attack; 1 Heavy Support

The 2250pts list is cool to play with. Put everything in Reserve (except the Death Company Turn 1 Drop Pod Assault units). The Death Company can take a punch, so their arrival in Turn 1 should keep the enemy occupied. They will Rage their way to whatever enemy unit is closest, so try not to think about them much. The Sanguinary Guard units are the ones that will be doing the hard work. And they’re good at it. I do forget to use Dante’s special Death Mask rule, as well the Death Masks rule when charging, sometimes. I’m just too eager to start rolling the dice !

Like I said, I still need to try out the 1750pts list. Most likely, I’ll play with it twice (against Imperial Guard and against Orcs). I’ll keep the Tactical Squad behind to guard my edge or any objective there. If it’s not a kill point game, I’ll split them up into Combat Squads. The Death Company can rush forward, accompanied by one (or both) of the Predators. Maybe the Baal Predator should stick in Reserve, but that depends on the table and Mission/Setup type.

I wonder if anyone has tried the 2250pts list before. The load-out options are pretty straight forward I think, so it’s quite possible someone else has thought of it too. More or less. And does anyone have some good advice on the 1750pts list ? Would be much appreciated !


Sub-Ultimate Gaming Rig (20120208)

After I made the Ultimate Gaming Rig (20120203) post, I thought I should nerf it a bit. Make it a little less unaffordable. Let’s see what I can kick out and tune down.

PC Case: Zalman Z-Machine LQ1000


CPU: AMD FX-8150 3.6/4.2 GHz 8 Core AM3+

GPU: 2x EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Superclocked 1.5GB 797MHz GDDR5

RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) G.Skill RipjawsX F3-14900CL9Q-16GBXL

HDD: System) Samsung 830 series 128GB;
Gaming) Samsung 830 series 256GB;
Storage) Western Digital Caviar Blue 6Gb/s WD7500AALX, 750GB

Optical: LG GH22NS70 Black

Soundcard: Built-in (see motherboard)

Speakers: 5.1

Monitors: Samsung 40″ LED TV; HD Beamer

PSU: Levicom Xilence Gaming Edition 1000W

External HDD: Media Storage) LaCie Hard Disk Design by Neil Poulton 2TB Raid 0 Black;
Back-up) Verbatim Store’n’Go Portable Hard Drive 320GB Silver

Cooling: Liquid Cooling and Fans (+ Controls) are built into the PC Case (see above)

Network Switches: 2x Linksys SE2500 (one for TV+Beamer+Network Drives+the other switch; one for PC+Server+Internet+the first switch)

It’s still very expensive. But you could change the PC case for a cheaper one (be sure to keep it cool in that case). Drop the peripherals. Drop the second GPU. Drop SSD and go for regular 7,200RPM HDDs in Raid 0.

What Else Does One Need ?

Say you have the following setup for A/V and Gaming, what else would you need ? …Besides enough money to pay for the bills, of course.

  1. A good TV, maybe two*
    A TV that has Full HD resolution, but preferably even higher. Somewhere in the range of 40 inches. Connects via HDMI (two or three inputs) and via Ethernet. Most flatpanel TVs have all of these connections nowadays. If you use the Ethernet connection on your home network, you can view files directly from any shared HDDs directly (without having to use a computer).
  2. A beamer*
    Beamers are awesome for watching movies. But they also make playing certain games much more fun than even a big TV does. They do need a lot of distance to the screen or wall where you want the picture. Not many rooms are that spacious. The room also needs to be very dark to get a good picture quality. Getting a high resolution beamer with the inputs you want to use (HDMI/DVI and Ethernet preferably), can be an expensive task.
  3. A high end PC
    One that plays the games you like, preferably also the games you like in a year or two. One that is able to feed all the media to your TVs directly. Having plenty of graphic power (my favorite atm is a dual GTX 580 setup, but that’s me) lets you use the HDMI connections to both/all  And also, it is likely to use a lot of bandwidth on your network (and the internet), so a good network card is handy. If you are into BluRay discs, make sure you have a BR drive. If you have a subscription to cable TV (HD or otherwise), you can decide to plug it in to your PC (which then needs a TV Tuner, with/without HD, with the correct system for your area like PAL/NTSC). If you want to record audio (I like to plug my guitar in stereo through two mono-Jacks into my computer), you’ll need the required inputs (or low-latency) converters on your PC too.
  4. External storage devices
    If all your TV(s)/beamers are connecting to your network directly, you could use external HDDs (with an Ethernet connection) to feed them the media. This frees up your computer for other things. And it allows you to watch a movie without having to turn on your computer (which costs more power and can be noisy). External storage is great for backing up all the files you can’t live without. Keep your back up discs safe and secure; turn it on only when you need it and scan your files before copying them over. When you run out of storage space, you can easily add more drives to the setup.
  5. A fast and secure router, maybe two*
    To connect your TV(s)/beamer directly to your network, you need to make sure you have plenty of space on your router. I would even think about having one router that connects to the internet and the computers, and another that connects to the first and to the TV(s)/beamer and the storage devices. The setup can be made so that only one computer can access this second router through the first. This keeps your TV(s)/beamer and storage devices safe(r) from intrusion.
  6. A surround set
    Now here is the tricky part. This needs to connect to everything that you use to watch a movie or play a game on. Otherwise, you might not get sound when you watch a movie on your beamer for instance. So make sure you have plenty of inputs for 5.1 (or even 7.1) surround sound. You also need to figure out where you put the speakers. Surround works best when you are in the exact middle of the advised setup. This is explained in the manual. Sitting in the same spot every time can be problematic, but so is dragging your speakers to other ends of the room. Most of the current sets allow you to connect to the network like TVs do. Grabbing bulks of MP3s directly from your network is great. For the same reasons as watching movies directly from the network.
  7. A server*
    If you set up a server on your network, you can do a bunch of cool things. Server OSs have tons of automated tricks you can use to organize the data on your network. It can run back ups, security scans, set usage priority, handle user (and hardware) permissions, whatever. You can use it to download without end, freeing up your PC again. Unless you need the full capacity of your internet connection to play games with low latency or stream videos from the web. But then again, if you set the rules and priorities right, you shouldn’t need to. And after you set it up, you don’t even need to have a keyboard, mouse and monitor connected to it. You can simply access it remotely from your PC. It does not need much at all (no fancy CPU, GPU, etc.). Remember to turn off the screen saver. Easy to forget the simple things.
  8. Furniture
    You will need plenty of space to put all this stuff. To hide away the parts you don’t need physicle access to at all times. To mount or put your beamer. A desk to sit behind, with plenty of space for doing other things aside from using the computer. A few good seats to watch movies comfortably (with your friends). This may very well be the first item on the list. You can’t put in more gear than will fit in your house. Most of this stuff is likely to end up in one room. Make sure your hardware gets plenty of ventilation so it does not overheat.
  9. Portable hardware*
    Having a USB-powered external HDD lets you easily share data with your friends. Having a laptop is less mobile, but gives you many more options. Like accessing your network from elsewhere or from your bed. A very high end gaming laptop could be good enough to replace a PC, depending on your needs. However, they have several disadvantages compared to PCs (like price and heat).

* Optional

So here you’d have a lot of hardware that needs to be connected to eachother through HDMI/Ethernet. It’s quite a bit of work to set it all up, but afterwards…you’d never have to leave the house again !

Interesting Headlines

Been checking the news the past few hours. Some articles were definitely worth reading. Of course, I don’t mind sharing what I’ve been reading recently.

Court rules that it’s legal to sell used MP3s

Astrobiology: We are the Aliens

Signal for Higgs Boson Particle Gains Strength

Quantum motion captured

Twitter sued by Brazil over drink-driving trap alerts

AMD Gaming has a few good deals on Facebook, if you’re looking for them.

Useful Links

Let me share some links that I think are quite useful.

My Yahoo!
I use it as a homepage. This lets me see all the news and updates in one glance. I simply add all the things I consider important and order them in whatever way I want. It’s also a search engine and an eMail previewer. I avoid using Google altogether. If you want, I can send you the entire page that I view to you through email. That is also handy for people that have no clue, or those who wish to build upon an example page.
Most of the below links are fed into the page I made here. But I also use Yahoo News, Discovery, Hardware/Software developers feeds here as well as all my Bookmarks, weather forecasts, Dutch news sites…blogs…whatever I find interesting, really.

BBC News
One of the better news sites on the web.

NOS, Volkskrant
Dutch (sorry !) news sites. (De Volkskrant is a Dutch newspaper, NOS handles Dutch news on public TV.)

Social website. Most of your friends probably have it and they keep in contact with eachother through this site. People share tons of info and links through this page, so you can keep up to date with current trends.

This is a Dutch (sorry !) website that tracks news related to (mostly computer related) technology. It has lots of reviews, price comparison, Best-Buy-Guides, and forums about just about anything that’s related to both Hardware and Software.

Tom’s Hardware
Here are some very handy charts that allow you to compare all the latest CPU’s, GPU’s, SSD’s etc. on the market. It’s kinda like the English equivalent of Tweakers (above), although not all features are the same of course.

1Up, IGN
Websites I use to look for info on computer games. They show news, (p)reviews, forums, and anything else game-related.

If you want to know anything about movies, actors/actresses and/or TV shows, this is where you need to go.
Free email address. Never had any spam on here. It also allows forwarding to your email software, which is pretty rare. There is also the option to store files there up to 2GB in total. (I have been -and still am- using Yahoo Mail since I was 12, so I’m not giving this one up. Also, Yahoo has always had more space than any other free webmail.)

Upload and share pictures online. Very handy if you’re a frequent poster on forums (since you can link to the image instead of uploading a copy to the forum server – they don’t like using much space for that stuff).

Scientific American
This is a magazine about all the developments made in science. (It is part of the Nature Publishing Group.) My dad has a subscription and so I used to read the magazines a lot. I grab his old copies when I can, but in the meantime I can keep up to date via their website.

MIT OpenCourseWare
M.I.T. uploads a lot of their courses onto the web. It includes Audio/Video, so you can learn a lot through this site.

Funny attempts to translate Japanese to Engrish.

Tragic short stories. Very funny to read. Makes my life a little less tragic hehe !

If you want to know what things are, how they work, what they do, who people are, etc., this is where to look them up. Be sure to check the references, since anyone can update and change the data. Some information might be purposefully tampered with.

Alienware, Origin
Awesome custom built PCs and laptops. Factory overclocked shiz.

Asus, MSi, Intel, EVGA, GainwardSamsung, HP, Philips, Creative, nVidia, AMD
Some of the not-yet-mentioned hardware manufacturers that are definitely worth mentioning.

Does anyone have some must-have links that I’m not aware of ? I’d love to hear about them ! (Oh yeah…no Apple related stuff please. I´m no Apple fan.’

Currently Playing

I should talk about the games I’m currently playing. This blog could use some more posts, so why not start there ?

Zombie Pandemic
I started playing shortly after two of my friends started. We got a little clan called iLLEST Sons of Alcoholics. One of our members made a phat site for it, with forum and all. Very nice job there ! I’m nowhere near the level cap, but I guess sometime I’ll get there hehe !

Now this is a cool game ! Finally there’s the option to dual wield weapons, which I really missed in the older games. (What’s the point in wielding a 2H weapon if it gives near-to-no bonus over 1H+shield !?) And so I made myself a Dark Elf chickie. (I pretty much always choose to play a chickie, since I’ll be staring at the character’s *ss for hours on end.) I’m almost lvl41 with it now. If I still feel like playing after this one’s done, I’ll make myself a Death Knight á la World of Warcraft (2H axe/mace, Heavy Armor, etc.).

I just started playing the campaign, after playing the Co-Op stuff with a friend of mine on his Xbox360. I’m not very far in yet, but it’s nice to do a shooter again. I’ve been out of the shooters for so long, it took a while to get the reflexes back. Not much more to say about this game tbh…it’s just another CoD game with new and improved graphics since the previous releases. I’d prefer to play BF3, but my laptop had some trouble running it, last time I checked.

AC Revelations
Only just done the first few steps of the first mission with this one. I finished playing the first AC, which I liked a lot (more than my friends did). But when I did a bit of AC2 after, I lost interest. I saw the trailer for this game and I was sold. I just had to see for myself ! And I must say, it looks amazing. I really like the style of the game. The previous releases don’t keep me from enjoying this one as it is. Most likely because I didn’t play the games in between this one and the first. I’ve seen some very bad reviews by other players, so I don’t think I missed much hehe !

Other games…
I still have a few other games on here that have sunk to the background unfinished. I’m not uninstalling them, because I do intend to continue where I left off later on. The above games are just priority for me right now. One is Civilization V. I’ve played Civ3 a long time ago and I’ve put many hours into it. After seeing the Xbox360 version of Civ, I felt an urge to get the latest PC version of the series. It’s cool to see it’s still a real Civ game.
Another is Settlers 7. Also played Settlers 2 a long long time ago. When I saw videos of this new game on the net, I wanted to play it. It still has those cartoony looks as it did back in the day, but now it’s HD. It’s also a game you can play without stress. I needed one of those in between the hectic games above.
I also have Shogun 2, but I’m waiting with that one until I’m done with one of the games I’m currently playing. Ever since I played the old Shogun TW, I was waiting for a new version. Rome was cool, but the style of Shogun is more to my liking. A friend of mine is playing it and I got jealous hehe !

Other games worth playing, Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2, Space Empires IV, Mafia 2. Check them out if you haven’t.

Ultimate Gaming Rig (20120203)

So I came across a competition by nVidia. They ask you what the ultimate gaming rig would be. You can win a GTX 580, which is the most awesome thing available right now. Of course I want to win one !

You can find all the information you need here.

Here is my crack at it. Just a few notes :

  • I chose the max AMD over the max Intel, since it supports 1866MHz instead of the 1600MHz memory. Keeps the thing up to speed for an extra 6~12 months, I reckon. The additional power usage does not matter for the ultimate rig.
  • Two GPUs should be overkill, let alone the 4-way support of the motherboard. (I initially included three of them. And a second LED TV.)
  • The Storage HDD isn’t really necessary, but what the heck. Plenty of space to work on projects this way.
  • 32GBs of RAM should be overkill, although it will be handy for editing audio and video. And some future-proofing. However, Win7U could use some overhead.


PC Case: Zalman Z-Machine LQ1000


CPU: AMD FX-8150 3.6/4.2 GHz 8 Core AM3+

GPU: 2x Gainward Geforce GTX 580 3GB Phantom 883 MHz GDDR5

RAM: 32GB (4x8GB) G.Skill DDR3 RipjawsX 1866MHz

HDD: System) RunCore RCP-V-T251B-MC 120 GB, SF-2281, SATA 6 Gb/s;
Gaming) 2x Patriot Pyro E 240 GB, SF-2281, SATA 6 Gb/s – Raid 0;
Storage) Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 3 TB, 7200 rpm, SATA 6 Gbit/s

Optical: Sony BDXS-500u 12x BD Writer

Soundcard: Built-in (see motherboard)

Speakers: Bose Acoustimass 15 home cinema speakersystem

Monitors: Samsung UN40D6500VF 40″ LED SmartTV; BenQ SH960 1080p Beamer

PSU: be quiet! Dark Power Pro P8 1200W

External HDD: Media Storage) Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440 8TB;
Back-up) Iomega eGo III Portable 500 GB USB 3.0 500GB

Cooling: Liquid Cooling and Fans (+ Controls) are built into the PC Case (see above)

Network Switches: 2x Linksys SE2500 (one for TV+Beamer+Network Drives+the other switch; one for PC+Server+Internet+the first switch)

Oh. My. Sweet. Baby. Jebus. This thing would cost a fortune. But it would make one very happy-in-pants !