Funny too see how much time has passed

So in my last post, I mentioned moving to Gran Canaria. The flight was on December 4th 2012. That is quite a while back. Many things have changed since then.

I have been working for several companies in the meantime – not all of them as good. In 2014, I decided I had enough. May 11th 2014, I flew back to Amsterdam. Without any intention of returning to Gran Canaria.

I had a phone call in October that year. Several things were promised. I went. Pretty much none of it was true. Cost me quite a bit. Trying to make up for lost time and expenses is not always easy. And to be honest, I still feel like I am chasing after the facts.

Some of my friends have visited me over here, which is always nice. It’s not an expensive holiday for them anyway and the weather is always good over here.

Now, it is my turn to pop by the Netherlands again. My passport is up for renewal and my birthday is only a few days after that. Might as well combine the two, right ?

I hope the bureaucrats are not making things too difficult for me, since I do not plan on being there for the maximum 8 weeks (for background checks or whatever else they may have up their sleeves).

Okay, so I’m not really feeling for a massive update on here right now. I also noticed some old things like the gaming rigs. They are in some serious need of updates. So are the Army Lists. Not now though. Peace !

Back Home

I took my flight from Rhodes on Friday, Oct-26; with a quick stop at Thessaloniki. From there to München. But I had to wait until the morning to take my last flight – back to Amsterdam.

München…well I just saw the airport. And through the windows, I could see the weather :  clouds all the way down to the tarmac. Oh yeah…perfect. That morning when I left from Rhodes, I was drinkin’ frappé with vodka in my shorts (no shirt). Now it was just clouds everywhere and around 7°C. In the papers, it said it wasn’t only going to rain the next day. There was also going to be snow and 3°C. I drank German beer with an Italian guy who’s flight was delayed 6hrs. That was nice. Can’t remember if he wrote down his Facebook or not haha ! (Should be in my agenda, if he has.)

The flight from München to Amsterdam was with the smallest plane I’ve ever been in :  2 seats, isle, 2 seats. We made some really tight corners with that thing. Cool !

So now I’m back here. Cold. All kinds of sh*t you have to deal with, family issues and what not. I can’t wait to go to Gran Canaria. Back in the sunshine haha ! You should check the difference in weather forecasts between Amsterdam and Gran Canaria haha ! And this is the first job I’ve ever thought :  “can’t wait to start !” Have you ever had that ?

Next time, I think I will just go from Gran Canaria straight to Rhodes in April. Saves me the hastle I’m dealing with now. Next season on Rhodes should be better as well. We get a pimped up sales deck. We probably get more screens there too. We will most likely have a better offer to sell. I’ll see next year !

Keeping it short =9

Working on Rhodes

Been a while since I last wrote on here ! I have been busy working Mon-Sat since April 16th. Well I got here on the 15th and started my training on the 16th. Started doing the actual job on the 23rd. I have never done a Sales job and I have never worked in tourism before. Now I am doing both haha !

Yesterday, we had a big party for the whole company. It was held at the Amathus in Ixia (Rhodes, Greece), which is 5 stars. Food, champagne…good stuff ! The best people from every department were awarded and appearantly I was the best Dutch Rep. I did not expect it, to be honest.

After the party, I went to Colorado for a little while. There is always a band playing on Saturdays and they are good. I went to the shots bar nearby before going back home. Damn I was drunk haha !

When I decided I wanted to get up this morning, it was a bit later than I expected haha ! It was about 14h30. I have only been taking a shower, checking the internet and drinking orange juice so far. And I should think about what I should do for dinner. I was thinking pizza. I have no plans to meet up with anyone, so sitting in a restaurant is not really the nicest plan. Perhaps the Art & Kitchen for pizza (can take away and eat half of it on the way home). Otherwise maybe one or two pita gyros (chicken, no fries, with hot sauce). That place is almost next door…but what is the name again ?

When I woke up, I thought to go for a swim. But now that it’s 18h09, I guess I can skip that. One more cigarette, one more episode (I think Robot Chicken) and then it should be time to go out for some food. Right ? 19h00-ish is a good time for breakfast ?

I will try to find some time to write more often. Catch you later.

All this new stuff to get

I’m going to work abroad for about half a year. I needed to get myself a digital camera (I still didn’t have one !), so I can make some adorable pictures for the people back home. I decided to go with the Canon IXUS 230HS (see a review here).Canon IXUS 230HS

The 8x optical zoom is really brilliant. Most other cameras have an optical zoom of anywhere between 3.8x and 5x and I think the previous model has 4x optical zoom. A nice improvement there !

This means I’m going to have to either email loads of pictures to my mom. Or I could stick ’em on Photobucket and post ’em on a blog. That way she (and whoever else I want to share it with) can click a link. I can also add some short stories to the pictures that way. Then at least they have an idea what’s in the picture and why it’s there. I could also stick ’em all on Facebook, but somehow I’m reluctant do so hehe !

Another thing :  I style my beard. But since my new job requires a lot of public interface, I decided I should get a new electric shaver. One that’s waterproof and has trim/style functions. I went for the Braun cruZer 6 face. It wasn’t cheap, but I’m planning on using it for a long time.

Braun cruZer 6 face

I haven’t been able to try it out yet. But I will tomorrow or the day after. It should save me a bit of time every day !

Now I still need some pantalons. Swimming shorts. Needle and thread in case my buttons decide to fall off. I already got some Zaanse Mayonaise, which I’m really going to miss. (All you people that don’t like mayonaise probably only ever tasted French mayonaise. The sour one. The Dutch mayonaise is much better !) Oh and I need to have my hair cut before sunday.

It’s almost early again and I’m getting hungry. I’m gonna pack my stuff and get home. Make myself some hotdogs there =9

Good morning, bon apetit and/or good night to everyone !

Ultimate Gaming Rig (20120412)

I was helping a friend find a computer and I came across AMD’s new FX-4170 APU. Still with the 1866MHz DDR3 support, though also still pretty power hungry (125W). But this is going to be a desktop PC, so I don’t care about the usage that much. And now that we have the nVidia GTX 680 too, we might as well make a new list !

So it would include :

– AMD FX-4170 QuadCore ~4.2GHz
– ASUS Corsair V Formula / Thunderbolt
– G.Skill Ripjaws F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL (2x 4GB Set)
– 2x ASUS GTX680-2GD5 (OC to 1.058 MHz =9 )
– 2x OCZ Synapse Cache SATA III 2.5″ SSD 128GB (Raid 0 for System and Gaming)
– Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EZRX, 1TB 7,200RPM (Storage)

Add a cooling paste for the CPU just to be sure (the CPU fan is delivered with the chip), add a case with 2~3 fans and approx. 1000W (modular) PSU. Oh yeah, and an optical drive if you don’t have one lying around. Might make installing stuff on it a bit difficult !

This came up to 1958,39 euros on Tweakers, but most likely a bit more. And you’ll still need Windows 7 on it. Premium would do fine, though Professional has some options (also security options) that are nice to have. The 8GB RAM will handle that perfectly. Ultimate is going to need more though. They advise 16GBs. Though I’ve seen it run on a WinXP laptop, so it’ll work on less. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Going back  to a QuadCore over the FX-8150 OctoCore setup, has to do with software. There is not that much out there, that will actually utilize the 8 cores. Most games won’t even use more than two. So the faster-but-fewer cores should do games really well. And it’ll still function with 1866MHz memory, which is imba !

What about this setup ? Isn’t this a nice one ? I guess that 2000 euros is a nice price to aim for when building a massive machine like this. This’ll run games at maxed settings for quite a while after you bought it.

Too Much To Do, Too Little Sleep

I got a busy day tomorrow. Well at least the morning and most likely a good part of the afternoon. Right now it is 04h21, so I won’t get much sleep.

I was playing BF2 all night at -and with- a friend of mine. At home, one of my housemates is sleeping. He just started a new job and needs to get up really early. So if I go home now, I am likely to wake him up before his alarm goes off. Which I do not want to do. So I will go for option B :  stay here until I arrive after his alarm went off. Sleep less. And I am hungry, so I am going to have to eat before going to sleep. Another 30+ minutes spent not sleeping. But it’ll have to do.

I have that many times. Especially when playing computer games. But also when watching series, because I keep on watching another “last one”… Not very smart, since I have some important things to do tomorrow. And I guess I’m not the only one with that problem. I prefer not taking naps, but in certain cases I think I should. Sleeping too little isn’t good. And I’ve had plenty of that.

If I’m done early, say around 13h00, I could take a nap. Then in the evening I could just watch some Boardwalk Empire with a friend of mine. That’s not very taxing. And the good thing about this friend is that he never really goes to bed late. Which means I won’t go home very late. But maybe I should just stay home tomorrow. I could watch a movie early in the evening and go to bed soon after.

This really is a blogpost about nothing interesting. Tomorrow should be a good day, though. A start of a new phase. And the weather is going to be nice.

Death Company Army List

I wanted to make a Death Company army list for 40k. I came up to 2500pts, which is quite a lot tbh. So I also downgraded it a bit to 2250pts.

  1. Astorath
    DC (11), Pwpn (2), THammer (2)
  2. Lemartes
    DC (11), Pwpn (2), THammer (2)
  3. DC Tycho
    DC Dreadnought, Talons, Grapple
    StormRaven, TLLC, Typh.Missile Launcher, Hurr.Bolters, Extra Armor
  4. DC Dreadnought, Talons, Grapple
    Drop Pod
  5. DC Dreadnought, Talons, Grapple
    Drop Pod
  6. DC Dreadnought, Talons, Grapple
    Drop Pod
  7. Land Speeder
    Typh.Missile Launcher
  8. Land Speeder
    Typh.Missile Launcher
  9. Land Speeder
    Typh.Missile Launcher

The 2250pts list misses the two 11th DC per squad, the Grapples on the Drop Pod Dreadnoughts and the Typh.Missile Launchers on the Land Speeders.

I really do not want to know how many Orks they’d be up against at 2500pts/2250pts, cause I bet it’s brutal. Though, I would like to try it out sometime ! The Death Company Apocalypse formation is really bad *ss too. Though I’ve never played Apocalypse myself. It’s easy to get up to 3k pts with that formation, so somewhat of a minimum Apocalypse game unless you put in even more units/formations. I think it’ll work well when combined with Dante’s Sanguinary Host, which runs at 1515pts (the way I listed it).

I’ve just been playing the BF2 Demo online for a while. I’m trying to get hang of those helicopters. I am getting better at it, though I’m far from good compared to the guys I was playing with. I decided I needed a little break – get something to drink, roll a ciggy, type some sh*t into WordPress. I also found two more movies that I should take a look at. But not now. I think I’ll go back to BF2 in a bit.

Anyway… I’m going to check out the news. Maybe there’s something interesting going on in the world right now. In the meantime, if anyone has anything to say about the above army list(s), please do tell !